Anyone know of the good paddling spots in mexico? Want to head to mexico next summer and would like to plan it around the good kayaking areas…

Try Mulege in Baja. Coyote Bay is a favorite place for people to camp and kayak. Loreto is excellent but you have to get reservations to paddle the National Marine Park there. If you have a good 4x4 and good mind driving a rugged mountain road Aqua Verde, south of Loreta, is a small fishing village where you can hangout on the beach and do some day trips. There’s a small island there with a large rock pointing standing like a pillar that has excellent snorkling. Wish I could go with you.

Whitewater? Other options also
Not sure what kind of kayaking you meant, but the state of Veracruz has popular whitewater areas.

The sea of Cortez is popular for multi-day kayak trips, camp on the beach, many guided trips available.

There are multi-day trips available further south, not so technical, probably in Chiapas on the Usumacinta or its tributaries, but the political situation is unsettled.

We go to Mexico frequently, but I have yet to do any serious paddling there.

There is a guidebook to paddling Mexico, which I need to order, a Gringo’s guide to mexican whitewater.


I have spent several winters in Baja and will be there this year from 18 Dec through to end March.

I can’t say enough good things about kayaking in Baja. From day trips to 3 month long expeditions - take your pick.

If you have any specific Q’s feel free to email me.

safe paddling,