MI Designs?

Picked up a (free!) kayak with its only identifier being a decal designating it an “MI Designs 415”. Only thing googling it found me was someone on ebay in the UK selling the same boat…guess its a british design? Kind of a strange boat so I’m curious if anyone knows of it, only other one I can think of with a similar shape is the Pyranha Speeder. No backband, bulkheads or foot pedals (though it does have a strange series molded-in bumps at varying distances that are more annoying than useful)

Anybody heard of MI Designs and the 415?

Ace Kayaks - UK?

Its definitely the MI 415 shown shown in that picture…Can’t find anything further on “Ace Kayaks” though, but I’m sure curiosity will make me keep searching

In the nineties.
Here in Western Australia the MI415 was a popular boat for a local two day race, the Avon Decent, as at the time they were the fastest plastic boat available. They are about half way between a tourer and a wildwater racer.

I am surprised your 415 does not have foot pegs, I’m sure the one I paddled had them and I know my MI370 plastic slalom kayak had foot pegs and the 515 double my wife owned also had them. The 515 is still the quickest plastic double for the Avon Descent.

I hope this helps.


Mi Designs Kayak

Bought a Mi Designs yak three years ago for $50. Had never been in a yak but had canoed for decades. Could find zero info on this brand at that time. No idea what the rated capacity is for it but at 6’ 1" and 255 lbs I managed to take it out on a seven mile lake for the first time…without flipping it (coincidentally on a busy Memorial Day three years ago).