MI Grand River today

Like TomL I took advantage of a beautiful Sunday to get put on a river. I took the Arctic Tern out - first time is the kayak since last fall. Based on the gauge the river is at the 65th percentile so pleanty of water but down quite a ways from the flood a few weeks ago. Most definitively a good current. I went upstream for about 45 min until I decided that my pulse rate was high enough then paddled back in about 15 min.

Beautiful day!

looks peaceful!

Nice reflection…

Peaceful coming back downstream. First time out in the kayak this year. My legs are tired.

I’m jealous of both you and Tom. Still ice and snow up here. But it was sunny, so there’s a bit of melt going on.

I’m not supposed to paddle until April. I spent Saturday in the yard and sunshine cutting and cleaning.
The first hour this morning was tough.