Michigamme, Brule advice (which canoe to load in morning)

Loading up the car for a vacation with my wife. I plan on fishing some canoe-only lakes in Iron County, Michigan. IF we can find a shuttle, we would like to run the Michigamme from Way Dam down to M-69 or the Brule from M-73 to M-189.
My only concern is the flows up there right now look pretty high. Anyone got experience with these when they’re ripping? (Also, Saturday forecast for up to an inch of rain???)

Would like to take my Wenonah Fisherman if possible, but if someone thinks more boat is appropriate, I’ll load up the Reflection 16.

Thank you for any advice. Leaving at 8 a.m. EDT Friday.

Didn’t see anyone replying. Never been to either but reading thru the descriptions in Canoeing Michigan Rivers it seems like either one should be fine. For the Michigamme it doesn’t describe an access at Way Dam but there’s gotta be one. From the description the Brule sounds like a more enjoyable paddle.

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Ended up bringing the Fisherman but I don’t know if we’ll find a car spotting service to make either happen. We’re looking.