Michigan Kayaking

The wife and I will be returning to MI this July after moving to TX 11 years ago.

Would like to spend some time day tripping and possible overnighting with our 14’ WS Tsunamis.

Have a couple of weeks with a few days in the Lewiston area already committed.

Would love suggestions.

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a couple places relatively close to
Lewiston that I could suggest would be:

A) Newegon State Park over by black river MI (I’ve never been but have read this is a nice area) and

B) Wilderness state park which is west of Mackinaw City. I did do that last season and can vouch that its pretty cool area. There’s a lighthouse appx a mile out past the west end of the point that you could go for if the water/weather is good.

C) lastly (but likely not good for your 14’???..although I took my 13.5’) you might want to try the pine river which is appx 10 miles west of cadillac MI.

have fun!

Get into the U.P
for some beautiful paddling along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Access the area near Munising either at the mouth of Miner’s Beach or closer to town at Sand Point. Paddling parts of the Grand Island shoreline is gorgeous, too. Also, check out the International Sea Kayak Symposium in Grand Marais (U.P. along Superior east of Munising). It is a lovely little town with white sand beaches and there are lots of kayakers in town that weekend. Google it for more info.

There is also nice paddling along sections of the Garden Peninsula on the south-central edge of the U.P. Fayette is cool in the summertime.

Your wife could check out the Lady of the Lakes Symposium in Manistique. That is on the web too.

My first choice would be a section of the Pictured Rocks for nice day tripping. There is the Hiawatha Water Trail through there for kayak camping. Again…Google.

This is your trip, lock the thread.
South Branch of the AuSable river. From Chase Bridge to Smith Brdige. AWESOME part of the river. Goes through an area called the Mason Tract. Almost no development, easy river. At least a few hour float. For northern michigan, this is one of best spots to paddle. The weekends can have some livery canoes, so mid week is best. Beautiful chapel about 2/3 of the way down. You can continue on past Smith bridge, still a good paddle but you do get back to some houses and such but still not bad. This part is just outside of Roscommon Mi. Maybe 45 minutes from Lewiston. I paddle there all the time.

Another great river spot, about an hour or so is on the mainstream of the AuSable from Alcona Damn to Loud Damn. Another great area, water moves a bit faster. Still, very rural area although you do finsih is a pond at the end. Although that is not to bad.

If you are there at the end of July, the last weekend, check out the AuSable River Canoe Marathon. Starts in Grayling at 9 PM, yes PM on Saturday in the last full week of July. Awesome event. Great paddlers, lots of fans and a coold format. The race goes from 9pm until noon or so the next day for the tops boats. People follow bridge to bridge all night long. You could actually follow 4 bridges and be about 15 minutes or so from Lewistion at one in the morning!!! LOL. If you want anymore, just let me know!!!

where will you be in Michigan??

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other than Lewiston? which peninsula?
Remember the mitten? LOL.

Then we here in MI could recommend places that are within reasonable driving distances.

BTW you mentioned July. Ladies of the Lake will be August 16-19 this year in Manistique on the north shore of Lake Michigan at Indian Lake State Park.

Ausable River
The south branch is really nice and I rarely see any paddlers, just fly fishermen. There are other great stretches as mentioned. Mio to Comins flats is nice, mostly national forest so very few cottages, but busy on week ends so only go during the week. The dam ponds are fun paddling, particularly Cooke Pond with the high banks, islands and Iargo springs.

Negwegon is very nice, but can be shallow and rocky in spots with the water levels so low. You can put in at Black River and head north. Also, there is a parking area in Negwegon but it is quite a walk to a put in on a nice sandy beach. Another option is to put in up at the state forest campground in Ossineke and paddle south along the shoreline. Either way, there are many miles of undeveloped shoreline to enjoy and a few small islands to check out.

There are some small lakes near Lewiston that are fun to explore for a short paddle. I especially like Avery Lake. I am in the area and would be happy to get together for some paddling this summer. E-mail me.

Also, try to get over to the west side and paddle the Sleeping Bear Dunes lakeshore.


another river
for an overnight trip, the Manistee.

Point Betsie

Pretty turbulent waters at Point Betsie.
I’m looking forward to exploring Thunder Bay myself; It’s a scuba diver’s destination for all the shipwrecks, and from what I’ve heard, many are shallow enough to skin dive over. Also check out the Straits area. Bois Blanc and Round Island are free camping. Closer to Lewiston, I’d say the AuSable, Manistee (upper), Pidgeon and Sturgeon rivers are all relatively close and good trips. The Pidgeon in spring or the Sturgeon in summer, and the Manistee year-round can be good paddle/camping trips because of the abundace of either state or national forests.


Michigan Pine River - 2 of them
The one West of Cadilac near Baldwin - I think requires permits and the guts of a teenager.

There is another Pine River in Alcona County.

Negwegon is a beautiful area, one I hope to paddle the shore of one day when I have more skills and a regular sea kayak. Last I knew entry to it from either Alpena or Alcona County took a map and a willingness for adventure. Once there, however, the road is graded and graveled and there is a real parking lot.

If you will be in Lewiston you won’t be far from the Au Sable River. Be vary of the sirens which are sounded before the power dams release water down the river. It is a very pretty river.

Down near Omer is the Rifle River - calm, pretty, lots of sand if I recall.

From Lewiston you can go off in any direction and find some place to paddle within an hour.

Give Me a "Bump"
I’m in the Traverse City much of the time and kayak and canoe all the rivers, lakes, etc., around there.

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