Michigan UP

Has anyone kayaked any rivers in Michigan UP other than the Two Hearted and Seney? Just looking for some reviews.

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Parts of the Tequamenon are deep. You will have to investigate where there is WW or riffles.

The Au Train has a deep section that only requires a mile? shuttle (walk, bike).

Off H13 the Indian River downstream from Fish Lake to Thunder Road Bridge. Not sure if they have cleared below that. Can also paddle up and back from Fish Lake on the Indian. Fish Lake is at Widewaters CG. Also hike Bruins Run.

Crooked and Clark Lakes in Sylvania. Also, hike around Clark Lake.

Michigame Res.

Menomonee River up and back from Sturgeon Campground (Where WI County Z crosses river, the UP side has a gravel road, head noth to campground and boat landing).