Michigan's Garden Peninsula

Has anyone on here ever paddled Michigan’s Garden Peninsula?

Any recommendations for an overnight or weekend paddle?

Thanks in advance!

Garden Peninsula
I used paddle an open canoe there on good days. This was back in the 1970s and you could land and camp about anywhere there was not a house or cabin, which there were not many back then. There was state forest land there, but it was real checkerboard and difficult to tell which was public and which private. I am sure things have changed, probably more homes and development and maybe some rules about camping on state forest land. A very pretty place on the Niagara Escarpment. Worth a little exploration tour.

I’ve not paddled
the pennisula, but the write up in PADDLING MICHIGAN makes it sound attractive. You might check the “place 2 paddle” link. They might have a write up of the trip.

Garden Peninsula???
Forgive my naivete, but having lived in Michigan only 61 years, I have never heard of its “Garden Peninsula” before this evening. About what part of Michigan are you talking, and what is your source for the “Garden Peninsula” term?

second the statement.
Never heard the term either.Lived in MI my whole life. Would like to know more about location, ct. Thanks.

Fayette State Park!
The peninsula east of Escanaba in the UP.

Most of us Trolls (live below the Mackinaw bridge) just don’t know these things.

Actually been
To Fayette Stae Park. Never knew it was called the garden penisula though. Was very pretty country if I remember correctly was about 15 yrs. or more.

Well, dog my cats!
That’s news to me!

News to me too,
but it doesn’t really surprise me any. That neck of the woods is more unto its own than Michigan, and if I recall correctly, Da Yoopers tink so too, eh? “En yoos cun keep da mitten.”

Garden Peninsula
Somehow my post yesterday never made it here so if this doubles…well, not my fault. I’ve been there a couple of times…here’s some pictures I took while at Fayette…by the way, campground full of RV’s and it becomes a mud pit if it rains…I was glad I had a hammock tent…


and here’s a map…I appologize in advance for it being a real estate company…


called that for a long time

I’ve also lived here my whole life

… and I’ve heard it called the “Garden Peninsula” many many times.

Probably most often … on the various Michigan Outdoors TV shows.

… and in newspaper articles.

Fred Bear would be so disappointed in y’all.


Nice shots Mataharihiker!

Agree with Linda!!!
Fantastic sunset shots…Good eye!!

green bay crossing?

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I'm also curious about this area, looks like a good starting point to make an island-hopping crossing of Green Bay, ending up on Rock Island in WI., which I've also wanted to visit. I saw that some nut made this crossing on a PWC but haven't heard of anyone doing it in a kayak. Anyone?

“unto its own” is right

and there is (was) a bit of a “Deliverance” flavor to the peninsula.

Some longtime residents and the various law enforcement agencies assigned to patrol it didn’t exactly get along.

The cops were considered meddling outsiders who didn’t belong.

… they would not cooperate (or talk) with them … in fact the police strongly suspected that (amongst other things) … that there were people assigned to be ‘lookouts’ along the only road that enters and then descends down into the peninsula … when a cop went past … all illegal activity seemed to stop.

Not that that doesn’t go on elsewhere too … but the police have noted a different attitude and behavior … ‘unto its own’ … on the peninsula.

(cue banjo’s)

dinga ding ding ding ding ding ding ding …

…'yall come back now ya’here

or was it … 'yall dont belong here do’ya ?


… lol …