Micro fiber sleeping bags

I was about to pop for some new fleece sleeping bags for an upcoming overnighter as they take up about a third of the space of my old 3# bags and could go in the wife’s kayak instead of my canoe. Then online I see the micro-fiber bags. I just bought some micro-fiber beach towels and was impressed with how small they roll up and they dry out pretty fast, which is handy in the humid south. If I had a leaky dry bag I can see an advantage to a quick drying bag over the fleece bags. Most the microfiber bags I see advertise for use in hotels but they have an outdoor bag at 3x what the fleece bags go for. A cold night here is upper 60’s to low 70’s.

Anyone have opinions on either type for warm weather camping?

The direction I chose
was similar. I don’t tent camp often anymore, and the weather here in Florida is probably pretty much what you have.

I took a sleeping pad, two sheets, and cheap mirco-fiber blankets. I stuffed them in zip-lock bags. I also threw in a battery operated fan for some air circulation until the night cools a bit. The sheet is all I need until the wee hours, then the blanket was nice to have. The second blanket was to be my pillow, but the wife needed a second layer :slight_smile:

It works pretty well. I need a better sleeping pad, and a quieter fan would be nice.

It’s so worth it to listen to the swamp at night!

Have fun,


When it is that warm I sleep on fleece
If the low at night is going to be warmer than 70 i only bring a fleece blanket for under me and a microfiber sheet for on top. It does dry faster. Also dark colors dry faster in the sun.

summer sleep choices
My favorite warm and/or humid weather sleeping arrangement is a breathable poly blend travel “sleep sack” (Campmor sells many versions) that feels like a soft cotton sheet but is more absorbent and dries faster, PLUS a lightweight Polartec sleeping bag that can open by unzipping around the side and bottom. The sleep sack is like a folded over sheet, stitched across the bottom and only a couple of feet up one side plus a pocket in the top to make a pillow with a folded up down vest or fleece jacket (I admit I’m spoiled though – I carry a small rollup fleece and polyfill pillow too). On warm nights I usually start out in the sleep sack, laying on top of the folded Polartec bag, then if I get chilly overnight I can scootch myself and the sleep sack inside the fleece bag. All three items roll up super small. Plus, of course, a Thermarest pad under the whole shebang.

I’d go with silk
my bag liner is good for another 15 degrees in colder weather, but in the summer, it’s all I need to be comfy.