Microsoft Edge

Someone at Microsoft couldn’t keep their hands off the Edge browser, so now it is all but impossible to go to on my Windows computer. Thanks a lot Microsoft.

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I tried it, it seemed to work. I like Chrome better.

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using Chrome… no problems. WIndows 10 on the PC

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Interesting, I have been using edge for the last few years, have not had any problems…

I use Edge almost all of the time. It was updated (again) a few days ago… no problems noticed.

I too have been using Edge since it was available with Windows 10. Apparently when my browser was updated to the new version it got corrupted, so I opted to switch back to the previous version. That worked maybe for a day and then Microsoft must have cancelled that and the new version was back. It was an absolute nightmare. Nothing worked, so I went to my control panel and blew Edge out of there. An option came up to reinstall the new version, so not knowing exactly what else to try, I gave it another shot. Right now all I know is that initialy it seemed to work, but we shall see how long that pertains.

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I have never edged a Microsoft but If I can find one to paddle, I’ll sure give it a shot.


Sounds frustrating. I hope it is resolved.

Download Firefox, for free, and tell Microsoft where to kiss you.

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Well as of right now, the reinstalled Edge browser is working just fine, so it gets to keep the job for now. I do have Firefox on my desktop–which is lucky to get fired up maybe once a month. The laptop and tablets are much more convenient.

Now if I could just figure out how to restore an S S L, or is it an L L S.

Between Chrome and Firefox, I haven’t much used an MS anything in many years. At my advanced age, I can’t take the frustration. The others are NOT perfect, but they work for me.

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