Mid 60's Era Grumman canoe with early old-town canoe 45sqft sail kit - Thoughts on total Value?

I recently purchased a 17ft Grumman canoe in relatively good shape. Paint is flaked a bit, but no leaks. also have a early model (Old Town) sail kit for said canoe. Also acquired 3 vintage paddles of the same era. Any idea what the “total package” may be worth?

Photo below.

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Good question. Canoe sailing is kind of left over from the Golden Age before cars were popular. Canoes are not very stable and can easily get overwhelmed by the wind.

What you have is kind of cool. but few people care about sailing canoes these days. I am going to guess that the outfit might be worth $800-1,100 if you can find that right person. Marketing to a large audience would be important for selling at a time like this. Most good Grummans usually are worth less than say $600-700.

Thanks! yeah i bought the canoe for 250$ and later they found the sailing kit. and threw it in for free. needed some clean-up, but all in all feel like a good buy.

i agree i’m not sure ill ever use the sail kit, but figured as a package if i wanted to sell down the road it may be nice.

Thanks for the help!

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Its worth more than you paid for it.

The paddles look very nice. I can’t tell if the one has a split or just a vertical mark. There are lots of folks that would be happy to give you $100 for those three paddles and you’d probably get $150 easily if you advertise them on wcha.org or canoetripping.net or bwca.com. Replacements would cost $150-200 each new.


Thanks for the help. 1 of the 3 do have a split in it. the other 2 are in near perfect condition. we used them on our “make sure it floats trip”. They worked very well.

Not looking to sell, this was more an adventure in seeing if its something our family would enjoy doing. maybe down the road we will look for something new, but this is great info to have!

Thanks for the help!

Sail that bad boy.

There are more people doing it (self included) than you’d think. But you won’t find them here. If you’re on Facebook, join a group called skinny hulls, to get good canoe sailing tips/info. --45 sq ft is the perfect rig for a Grumman, and those leeboards look in terrific shape. (Hell. I’d offer to buy the entire rig from you if I wasn’t “all in” already…

Thanks for the info. yes the lee boards are nearly perfect. one small imperfection, but other than that good to go. Thanks for the skinny hull plug, just joined so ill take a look around. :+1:

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Very cool! We recently got a 19’ square stern Grumman “Freighter” which a previous owner had installed a mast step in. Not wanting to start with a Sunfish sail, I think I will keep my ear to the ground for a 45-55 square inch sail. Have fun with that rig, you got a great deal!

From what little I can see of your canoe, that is older than mid 60’s. Does it say Beth Page, NY on the black badge? That would make it 1952 or older. The only Grumman I ever saw with a floor rack was from 1946.