Mid-June H2O temp in Western Lake Huron, near Thunder Bay?

We will be headed up to Western Lake Huron, near Thunder Bay/Alpena, MI, in mid-June. Can anyone supply the approximate H2O temp near there now? Would imagine that that won’t change much in the next week or two?

Water temp is 51.3F as reported by the buoy in Alpena Harbor. You can access current conditions at NDBC - Station LPNM4 Recent Data

The water temperature will change.

Thanks for the current temp and the link to the bouy-data. We sure appreciate it!

Steve, you can download the free USCG mobile app and it will automatically show the buoys closest to you. An excellent app which lets you set up a profile listing your boats, photos of them and even request emergency assistance.


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Cool! Thanks for the information - we really appreciate it!

Your’e most welcome - and have a great time on the sunrise side of the state!

Something else to look at beside Rookie’s links is https://www.windy.com/ I was also going to suggest the surfing site Magicseaweed.com but they only look at the Thumb area of lake Huron. https://magicseaweed.com/Lake-Huron-Surfing/301/ Both will give you some idea of conditions. Windy does have a nice phone ap.


Some good suggestions. Here’s the site I use for Great Lakes surface water temperatures:


Thanks, We’ll check it out.

Thanks, I’ll give it a look.