mid-sized kid's kayak

Looks like my son will be outgrowing his Acadia Scout next year. It’s been a great boat for him, and his sister loves hers.

Any recommendations for a mid-sized kayak for a 10-year old that will fit him for a couple of years? We do NOT want a sea kayak. We meander on small rivers and lakes, and do a lot of birdwatching, and a poly 12-footer that he can scrape on the rocks would be about right.


Tsunami SP
Have you considered the WS Tsunami SP?

It’s one on the list
Is it stable when not moving, like if he was sitting still looking through binoculars or fishing? From reading the specs, it seems like the right size, and maneuverable.

kids boat
Look at the Epi line of boats - all plastic and quite nice. The episea comes to mind for your kid. My 5 yr old loves his epitot and can move it along at 4 mph quite easily.

prijon capri
necky Manitou sport

Manitou sport - no
Too deep for a kid, unless he’s pretty tall. I own one.

He’s tall for his age
Dad’s 6’7".

How tall?
I’m 5’3", and I wish the deck were a little lower. It is also three and a half inches wider than the Scout. Don’t get me wrong, I like mine for exactly the purpose you stated, rocks, twisty streams, birdwatching, etc., and it’s very nicely outfitted. Stable, too, when using binos. I just think that the Tsumani sp or the Carolina 12 (kid’s version, not this year’s) would probably fit better for someone his age.

As far as the Manitou Sport goes, I’d definitely have him try one before you buy. Just my 2 cents.

Good luck with your search - how fortunate you are to have kids who like to paddle!


I have
a Tsunami 120 and find it to be very stable, but the secondary stability is what really shines to me. I’ve never felt tippy in it ever, and it is the first boat I’ve owned. Prior to purchasing it I had been out in a Dirigo a few times. I’d think it will be plenty stable for him.

I would not consider the Manitou Sport at all - probably too big for him, and not going to grow much more with his skills then his current boat already has.

Tsunami 120 and Tsunami 120SP
These are completely different boats - but you probably realize that already.

The 120 is much larger/wider/higher as its a big person’s boat where the 120SP is 21" beam with 9" high deck…very nice and makes it easier to paddle for little people.


I am aware there are differences in their dimensions. But the overall hull design is the much the same, and should have similar stability and handling for paddlers in the designed weight ranges. That at least is what I recall Flatpick discussing when the SP was first released.

It is just called the Tsunami SP, not the Tsunami 120SP by the way.

Depending on the size of the OP’s son, the 120 may actually fit him fairly well though.

A $100 old school kayak
like a Dancer, Corsica, Crossfire, Animas, Sleek etc…