Midcoast Maine ACA IDW ?

So I think I have finally convinced my wife to get her ACA Coastal Certification. We will be in Maine (Casco Bay ish) for most of August.

Does anyone know of an L3/L4 IDW coming up in Maine? Preferably led by a really good, progressive, innovative IT or ITE.

I’ve done a little internet browsing, but I figure someone might know of something off the grid.



ACA cert.

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Should be posted on their website. Good luck.

Nothing is listed for anything close
to Maine. I suspect the OP already knew that and was seeking some local knowledge as ACA courses are not always listed (though they should be)

Try calling Lincoln Kayak
If one is out there, good chance they’d know.

Hey Dress,

contact me separately via e-mail. I may have an idea.