Middle age (middle) spread reduction.

Any of you guys over 50 been sucessful in getting rid of your beltline bulge without starving? How? I refuse to go up another waist size but I also like breathing.

Working on it now
I am using Weight Watchers. it works, i am down 20lbs in 3.5 weeks. Very simple program and you decide what you eat. Stick to the program and you will have plenty to eat as long as you choose your foods wisely.

I save more on food every week than it costs me to go to the meeting. The meetings are helpful keeping you on track.

Drink lots of coffee
It kills your appetite (however it may not be beneficial for your health-I don’t see any warning labels yet). Does the water in the coffee count towards one’s daily hydration needs?

Been Working On It
for about a year now. I had always worn a 32x32 pair of pants until I started edging up in my mid fourties. A year and a half ago I was faced with needing 38x32 pants and I said that was enough.

Ive changed my diet removing most of the junk food and replacing it with fruit and more vegies. I still love to eat and it is hard for me. I started walking 3 miles six mornings a week before taking my morning shower and I use my eliptical trainer for 30 minutes at least four evenings a week.

I have lost from 205 back down to 185 which was my target. My waist is now 34 rather than 36+. I am still on the way to getting back to 32x32.

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You mean - I have to EXERCISE!
That is unAmerican.And I have to stop eating at Burger King! I thought I could sit in front of the TV and lose 20 lbs.

Seriously, this is not a troll and Weight Watchers was rtecommended by someone at work also.

Gotta Think of
the morning walks as being for the dog, and the evening sessions on the elliptical trainer as just keeping the investement in the machine in shape, LOL.

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not sure…
On one hand caffeine is a diuretic but the general understanding is that the water in the coffee compenstates for the caffeine. I think the body does not become dehydrated from drinking coffee, but due to the caffeine, I don’t think it adds any significant hydration benefits either.

from what i see on TV ‘reality’ shows

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people on cocaine or heroine seem pretty thin. if that's not gonna work for ya, then abhorent as it may be, you're just gonna have to get on out there and exert. and eat veggies. and quit ice cream and cookies. and don't eat white bread or white rice. and watch those triglycerides. and .... sheeesh, screw it just let it all go to hell in a hand basket.

weight loss

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i used weight watchers and it does work. it's a life long commitment. but, i like the souh beach diet better! the first two weeks are a bitch...i hated egg beaters for a while. but, it really helped me to focus on eating more fruits/veggies and staying away from the starchy junk foods. whereas wt watchers you can still eat crap and still count it as points etc, the s. beach "retrains" you to eat better foods and yes, excercise is needed with both.

Knock On Wood…
and keeping the regular workouts in. I am hitting 50 soon enough. Been maintaining my weight between 140-145 lbs for the past 5 years.

I wouldn’t mind getting down to my fighting weight of 125 lbs. But that ain’t gonna happen. I eat much less than I used and exercise about the same. It’s darn metabolism slowing down.


take up running
or swimming, if you have joint difficulties, swimming would be great!!!

If the liquid contains no caffeine then it counts.

I think they both do that
Weight Watchers does re-train your eating habits. Yes you can waste points on junk–but you will go hungry!

They both focus on removing fat and calories from the diet. I have tried them all and for me WW is the only diet I can stay on since I don’t have to cut out anything as long as I am willing to take the hit on the points. I eat much better, lots of veggies, less meat, more fruits and you can get creative and eat very well.

Do you have a carb addiction?

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You can tell by cutting down your carb intake for a day or two, while still eating plenty of food in general. If you get extremely hungry, with a sharp craving in the pit of your stomach, way beyond the hunger you'd expect for your ample intake, you probably have a carb addiction.

If you can tough it out for a week, it will get better, two weeks and it will be gone. At least that's how it works for me. YMMV, of course.

Then what? Jut keep your carb intake down. Did you drink a sugared soda? have water, or a diet soda? Did you have two big slices of bread already today? Don't have any more. Did you drink a big glass of OJ at breakfast? Drink a little one. Did you have a big bowl of ice cream for dessert? Have a small one, or some relatively low-cal sorbet/sherbert. Did you eat a banana? Substitute a carrot. Etc.

IOW, cut down carbs, to the point that the addiction recedes. But don't go to zero, as in Atkins and derivatives. Atkins et al may lose you some weight, but (a) it'll come back, since your mind will still crave carbs even if your body doesn't; (b) it'll do weird, unhealthy things to your body.

In fact, I recommend a good, rich but small dessert once a day, to help reduce that deprivation craving in your mind. One good rich brownie, or a cup of some yummy sorbet usually does it for me, though I have been known to have two a day.

But most of all, find an eating style that you can stick with FOREVER. Never think, I am on a diet and will be ecstatic to be able to go off it someday. Think instead, can I do this topmorrow too, and the next day, and so on. If you get rid of the carb addiction, then you can get into that steady state at a good level. And it doesn't reqire zero carbs to get there.

And with that, think -- I'm happy to lose two or three pounds a month, because I'm going to be doing this forever. Don't shoot for big, quick losses.

So, paraphrasing Mark Twain -- dieting is easy... I've done it hundreds of times.

That's my $000.02, having gotten to my lowest weight and smallest waist in 20 years.


PS: Also get to a decent level of regular, aerobic exercise. It's almost impossible to lose weight and keep it off without regular exercise. Paddling may or may not be enough, but the level that will do it on a steady basis is pretty frequent and vigorous, so not many will be able to do it.

Have sex more often with
the air-conditioner off???

Hey, Ain’t That…
one of the first things to go with middle age? :wink:


Pyramid & Cardio
Mind you, I don’t keep up as much as I used to, but, 45 minutes of cardio at 120-130bpm 4-5 times a week, the Pyramid diet heavy in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and moderate meats & fats. I should add low in sweets, but that’s a constant battle.

It works. Good luck…Lou

42 and holding
at the same waist I had in college. Some of that’s probably luck of the draw, but I think the brisk 45-minute walk with the dog every morning is a big part of it. I don’t “work out” as such, but with a spare couple of hours on the weekend I’m more likely to go for a short hike than watch the tube.

There’s always contradancing! It’s a fine way to burn calories to music with a bunch of friendly folks.


On the food side, we just don’t bring junk into the house. We buy very little processed food, which lets us skip whole aisles at the supermarket. I allow myself unlimited fruits & veggies, keep the meat servings reasonable, and try to keep an eye on the saturated fats and simple sugars. Water is the beverage of choice.

You need some fat – your body craves it-- but make sure it’s where you’ll enjoy it. A little butter or good olive oil poured over fresh food tastes a lot better than some processed muck full of soybean oil.

oh no air condition comes with middleage

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thank you, I'll be here all week.

Sex with the A/C off won’t work.
I have a middle aged wife who thinks that 70 deg is hot.

What I’m hearing is if I give up sweet tea, coffee with sugar , Hardee’s biscuits, and Whoppers , I can lose the bulge.Those 40 waist pants are sounding better all the time.

The problem is, until I was into my 50s I could eat any and everything I wanted and not gain an ounce.That is a lot of history to overcome.

Whine. Whine.