Middle Seat for Old Town Canoe

Hi There Folks,

I have an Old Town Guide 160 canoe, it’s brilliant, but now needs a middle seat to accommodate my x2 young kids who want to accompany me on my voyages.

Old Town sell a nifty middle seat with built in hatches, rod holder and cooler box (intended to fit the Saranac 146) that would be perfect. The only issue I have is the Guide is about 4 inches wider than the Saranac.

Has anyone successfully mounted on of these seats into a Guide before and if so did it fit, and was it easy enough to do?

Thanks for taking the time to help me out :slight_smile:


Universal style?
On Amazon: Wenonah Drop In Seat by Campmor

I used this in an Old Town canoe for my youngest child


See some good center seats before you settle for less.

My first canoe had that center seat
and I wouldn’t wish it on nobody. It is a huge waste of space and I would take it out if it wasn’t structurally vital. I would go with the drop in seats. Well, honestly, I would probably go buy another canoe but that’s because I have a problem. But a drop in seat would be preferable to that thing.