Middle seat paddling or not

Currently using a ‘drop-in’ middle seat that just hangs on my gunwales. I have aluminum gunwales too. I’m going to upgrade to an actual webbed seat and have some questions.

The drop-in allows me to sit far to one side and keel it to my paddle side. Is it correct to keel from the middle if you’re using a standard seat? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a middle webbed seat that extends to the side, which would allow keeling. Or, should I only be keeling from the knees?

16.6’ mad river, 34" gunwales.


Wider webbed seats are available, and

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would allow you to shift a bit for edging.

Among their Mad River accessories, Ed's has webbed seats that have a 15.5" seat area width rather than the basic 9".

Check out the kneeling thwarts from
various online suppliers.