Midwest Symposiums

I have been looking at the various get togethers this summer and am interested in attending at least one and possibly more of the symposia. I have seen websites for the Western Michigan, Door County and Apostle Island events. All look interesting - especially Door County as prtected marsh/bay paddling is the type I like.

Have you attended a symposium? Was it worthwhile for the classes and outings? Would you attend more than one in a year or are they pretty much the same?

Are there others worth a look in the Wisconsin/Michigan area?


also Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium
at Grand Marais up near the Pictured Rocks I believe. I think symposiums would be fun but I would keep a close eye on what speakers will be there, what classes are being taught, etc. For me, the WMCKA or the Inland Sea symposiums would be the most worth it due to the Greenland specific classes. From what I’ve heard, the Door County symposium seems to be more beginner/family oriented than the other symposiums. However it is by far the closest one to me which makes it appealing. From all my paddling buddies who attend and teach at these symposiums, their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

It’s past already…
but maybe one to look into next year:


wmcka symposium
is coming up this memorial day weekend.


WMCKA is a smaller event, with about 200 people, and is more structured around classes and instruction than a full on donny brook. The classes are broken out too between euro and traditional paddling. It’s a great event where you can get more one on one contact with great instructors and also get to know the folks there.

WMCKA also has vendors but fewer than Grand Marais, and like I said it is more focused on the instruction.

Justine Curgenven will be the guest instructor this year, and she will be giving a presentation on her Tasmanian expedition.

The great lakes symposium in Grand Marais is also a great event. They boast a huge crowd, wonderful trips out to pictured rocks, and lots more vendors.

do you schizopak , or anyone,
happen to have the website address for the Midwest symposium? Thanks! :slight_smile: dag

symposium links
derrickam’s website has links and dates to three of these symposiums. Go to http://www.kayakwisconsin.net/wisconsin-kayak-events.html

As for the one in Grand Marais, you can go to http://www.glsks.org/ for more information.

thank you schizopak!