Might be selling a boat

I’m going to take a “goodbye” trip in the Son-of-a-Bitch tomorrow. If I like her too well, I may not sell her. However, at this point, I’m about 95% sure that I’m going to sell this real-deal whitewater boat and buy a beginner’s whitewater boat more suited to both my paddling skill, comfort level, and intended use.

Other than rec boats, what are some of you guys fishing from?

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My first boat was
a OT loon 12 footer. She is great to fish out of but I can’t take my son in it. He loves to fish so I got a Wenonah Spirit II canoe. Very stable lots of room. I have done several overnighters in it. I is great for lakes or rivers. I just purchased a Blackhawk Starship solo canoe. I have only had it out fishing one time. It did fine. It is not as stable as the Spirit II but great to paddle.

What is the monster you are talking about?


I Fish Primarily Out Of:
Mohawk Solo 14, Mad River 14TT, and Ranger Otter. Chris, I gotta tip my hat to you; I can hardly keep a Starship rightside up with plenty of bracing, but it is a pretty boat and fast. Like Van, I’m curious to know what the “SOB” is? WW

It’s a Wave Sport Diesel 75
I love the boat, but I my needs are for a fishing boat, not a WW boat. I’m taking her fishing for the first time tomorrow. If she does OK, then I’ll take her fishing a few more times. If I like her well enough, I’ll keep her. The other boat I’m considering is a Dagger Approach, which is ideally suited to the sort of water I fish. I took one for a ten minute paddle around a pool last weekend and wound up spending two hours playing in class 2 water.

Pretty much, the Diesel’s just too much boat for me. I love it, though.

My monster is a different boat. I might sell that too. A Perception America - one of the original 13’6" boats. Definitely unsuited to the water I fish. I’ve got another boat that’s a duplicate boat - Mainstream Jon Buoy. Good for ponds and flatwater, but not for bumpy rivers. I’ve since acquired a Scanoe, which will do everything the Jon Buoy will do, more besides, and do it all with more comfort. Heck, maybe I’ll sell three boats. Make it a daggone boat swap right in my back yard.

The Lord only knows what I’m going to wind up doing. I sure don’t.

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what color is your diesel D, and got an idea about the price?..mikey

Red, it’s a 75, e-mail me on $$
Or I’ll trade you for your Approach.

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Big D, WS has revamped the Ride,

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much improved. Also, Mad River has a new boat
that's a kayak/canoe hybrid. Its called the Synergy. Looks like it may be ok for river fishing and it'll carry a ton of stuff from the little I've seen on it. Its not the old canoe called the synergy, built more like a sit on top kayak with higher freeboard, no suppers, and appears to have the double hull of a sit on top. Apparently a dry ride...ha, they don't know you. Don't know much about Mad River, heard that customer service can be a problem, but they're owned by the same outfit that holds WS and a half dozen other kayak makers.

Thanks, but already picked out the boat
I want a Dagger Approach.

A few years ago, I was discussing with a few other people on another forum what would make for the ultimate smallmouth fishing kayak. We came up with two - one a SOT and one a SinK. The SOT is basically the Perception Torrent, though they’d have to add a drop-down skeg to get it exactly what we discussed. The other is now in production as the Dagger Approach.

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Been canoe fishing and camping from a Grumman canoe for the past 40 years she is 18ft long and will handle about any kind of water. Have a good trip and leave a few for me Jerry

The first time I took the Starship out I had hunter sitting up front. Now a 9 yr old is figgity and the Starship was feeling like it was going to dump us. I had him sit in the very center with his back against the thawrt and it worked out good. The next trips I went solo and found the boat is best if trimmed with a little weight. After a few more outings I think I have the hang of it. I went out on the Whitewater in Ind(Jeff was going to join me but opted out later) and we went on a 7 hour paddle. Well about 1/2 way I found a huge Coleman cooler that had been in the water for a day or two.( no beer left in it) I put it up front with water in it and the boat got even more stable. I like trying to increase my skill by paddling it on edge when empty but it sure gets squirlly. I have a foam mat that I use to kneel on as I hit the rapids. I am thinking of lowering the seat by an inch or two. I hope to bring it to the next Ozark outing.