might buy another kayak but need help

trasnporting it, so I thought I’d try here.

Right now I’m not in a position to drive 7-8 hours each way to pick up a boat. Thought I’d ask if anyone around the SW Ohio area is going up to Canoecopia in early March. If so, I’d be willing to pay something (let’s talk) if you could pick up a boat and bring it back for me.

I might post another thread with subject “Canoecopia” in it, to get some more responses.

I’m open to ideas…

Did you check with the folks at rutabaga about shipping? If I recall they have great rates…

sorry, forgot to mention
This is a used kayak, located near Madison, WI where Canoecopia is held. I won’t ask the seller to ship; I’ve done it and it’s a major PITA.

Thanks for the suggestion, though.

What boat?
Just out of curiousity…maybe there’s one closer to home for you?

The boat
is a Prijon Catalina. I actually had my eye on a Motion, but found this Catalina used in Madison, WI. There are Prijon dealers around here but nobody keeps them in stock for you to demo, and I’d pay full price plus shipping plus tax if I buy either boat, Motion or Catalina, close to home.

I’ve paddled my buddy’s Prijon Barracuda so I know how the cockpit fits and the volumes seem proportional given the length difference between the two, so I am pretty confident I’d be happy with the Catalina.

In short, neither boat is easy to find used. If you have any suggestions, I’m open to hearing them. Thanks,


Post on BT…
…as well as BT-LL.

Seems to me some guys from Wisconsin are going to

a big canoe thingie in Tn in March.

It’s not unlikely that one might be coming through this way.

will do
thanks rr.

I always forget about BT.