Might I have a bite of CROW please

Last year there was a discussion about the Boreal Ellesmere weather cocking and being a little unmanageable in some wind and current conditions. I was all into my Greenland paddle at the time and it didn’t bother me so much that i was correcting most of the time but by now it is getting old.

it could be me, more than likely is me, but that doesn’t matter, I want a hardware fix and i am talking skeg. i can work fiberglass and I am not affraid to cut’er open but need some advice on a not too expensive, adequate, and reasonably easy to install skeg…,.I say as I just burped black feathers.

ONNO Skeg Kit…
… or you could do things the hard way and maybe save a little, with decent enough results if you’re handy with this stuff. There are enough example refits with self made and commercial parts online to guide you through.

Maybe Hurricane?
Dawn’s Son got some cockpit rims from them to finish their EC boat a couple years ago I think. Maybe they would sell you a skeg system complete that you could just glass in.

I think Craig was working with Brian on a removable skep that they could put on the SOF greenland boats that have the same problem. Note how the wood skeg fits below:


That seems like an easy modification and Craig could make all the hardware for you.

I like the ONNO
option and 300 bucks is better than ditching a boat i really LIKE and seeking an Explorer or another in between boat. Thanks for the ONNO tip and Frank, please send me an email about that skeg, I find it fascinating :slight_smile:

We going paddling this weekend?..unless i have to work again

since you said you don’t
mind working with fibreglass, here is an option for a DIY skeg:


God, I’m gonna catch hell fer this…

Less intrusive to the hull; if you don’t believe in the rudder, fix it amidships, (no rotation) and use it like a skeg…eliminates the need to cut the hull, or run control lines to sliding footpegs…JMHO

on a "Elles"
bite your tongue!

many boats are ‘designed’ to have a retractable skeg as a component for proper performance. w/o they can suck.

good luck.


Sliding foot pegs?
Those are soooo last century. Lots of good reasons for using rudders, but no reason to deal with that.

Onno Skeg
Patrick’s skeg and box are a true work of art, and a snap to install. His paddles aint bad either. I had shoulder surgery last January and I ordered one of Pat’s “feather” paddles. It has blades on it that are very narrow. I call it my orthopedic paddle. It keeps me from getting too much pull to stress my shoulder. Next season I’ll order one of Pat’s paddles like the one he made for my wife. It is a dream paddle,but I’m playing it safe this season. I’ve had surgery 3 times on my left shoulder.