Mike Galt Lotus canoes in 14' range?

Which model solo canoes did Mike Galt build that were in the 14’ range?

The 14’8" Caper is the only one that I find in the p.net reviews and nothing found in the p.net discussions.

There’s a 14’ model available somewhat locally and the seller doesn’t know the model. He measured it at 14’ give or take an inch or two, so it’s probably not the Caper. I don’t have any pictures yet. I won’t get to check it out in person until next week.

Specs on any other Mike Galt Lotus canoes would also be welcome in this thread, since there doesn’t appear to be any archived info for them on p.net other than for the BJX.


Here you are…

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Egret (Tripping/Solo Sport) Length:14'3" Width: 35" 31" Depth: 18/12/18
Weight: 48lbs
Price: $1,300.00

Caper (Solo Sport) Length:14' 10"
Width: 27 1/4" 25"
Depth: 16/ 11 1/2 /13
Weight: 42 lbs
Price: $1,225.00

Dandy (Solo Sport) Length:13'9"
Width: 32" 28 1/2"
Depth: 17/12/15
Weight: 34 lbs

Construction: Fiberglass cloth

I know where a mint condition Lotus is stashed; the owner won't part with it(yet!).


P.S. They are ugly, garbage scows Yanoer. You should tell "me" how to get in touch with the owner.
You don't want to be seen paddling a Lotus.
I like ugly canoes.

Now I’m really confused!
The seller says that it weighs 46 lbs (he weighed it on his scale).

The guy he bought it from told me by phone a few minutes ago that it’s a Dandy (though, he did say Egret first).

These two bits of information - Dandy and 46 lbs - don’t jibe with the specs that you listed.

If it really is a Dandy and really is 32" wide, it’s probably too wide for me at 5’6" anyway and wouldn’t be and improvement over my Blackhawk Zephyr.

I’ll try to get beam specs from the seller.

The Caper looks like it’s sized better for me. Maybe I’ll get to try one of them sometime.

Thanks for the info, Bob.

P.S. If you really liked ugly canoes, you would have bought my Blackhawk Zephyr last spring when I was struck with a case of temporary insanity and had it for sale. It’s much uglier than your Zephyrs. I’m glad that you didn’t buy it. I enjoyed it through the summer and plan to enjoy it more this season.

I’m still looking for a Bell Flashfire at an insanely low price.

I’d be willin’
I’d be willin’ to bet it’s not a Dandy, based on it’s supposed weight. More likely one of the others two.

Would like to hear what it turns out to be.

Can’t help you will the Flashfire.

I wouldn’t sell mine for double the $850.00 I paid.

They are too hard to find used, in good condition, and reasonably priced.

I thought I already offered you $100.00 for that ugly Zephyr you have? OK! If you’re going to be greedy; I’ll up my offer to $150.00.



how much would you give
for the phone number of a guy with a mint condition Zephyr with factory birdseye maple trim?

Sounds like a beautiful boat.
I really like the look of birdseye maple. I couldn’t afford to buy it, but I’d sure like pictures.

My comments to Yanoer…

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My comments to Yanoer are an ongoing joke.
I don't really want his Zephyr; he knows that.
I already have one of my own, along with 7 other different Blackhawk models.
The Blackhawks I'm actively seeking are a Shadow 13, and a Fishhawk.

That being said, if the person with the Zephyr was interested in selling; I might be interested if it was offered for a reasonable price.


I’m hurt. I thought you were serious :slight_smile:


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Well, I was $150.00 serious.
That's all I could afford to spend on that boat.

It would probably take $750.00(or more)in restoration costs to turn that pig's ear into a silk purse. How far did you say that the previous owner dragged that thing down that gravel road before he realized it had fallen off the rack?


P.S. Didn't you say you had a drysuit? When you gonna come south & test paddle that 11' 7" Shadow for me?

The guy with the Zephyr…

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Might that guy be you whitewaterweenie?

I'll bet you have owned a Blackhawk or two in the past........right, or wrong?


I don’t need no stinkin’ dry suit to
paddle that 11’7" Shadow. Heck, I could pole that thing with a foot on each rail on the St. Francis with ice closing in from both banks and never entertain any concerns of getting wet or cold!

I’ve got cat-like reflexes and balance like Topher on a stack of four canoes.

I don’t need no stinkin’ dry suit.

Oh yeah!

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Bring it!

I am very familiar with the Saint, and I'd love to see you take "any" canoe through Big Drop, Cat's Paw, Double Drop, Rickety Rack, and the Dam Breach while you're standing on the gunwales.

Sounds like a photo op to me!

You're a good swimmer, right?

I'll hustle up an old beater for your first run.
I don't want you ruining that Shadow; they're too hard to find.


not me Bob
Yep, I knew you weren’t serious in your posts above sir! Just thought I’d dangle the birdseye maple bait in front of you to let you drool since you’re teasing us about a hidden Lotus.

All of my Blackhawks are long gone although I have fond memories of all and most of all the Zephyr. I have a paddling buddy with three Zephyrs, one of which has the birdseye trim. He would never sell it - and it never gets used. He’s also got an X-Boat and the little 10 or 11 foot (Shadow I think) for his wife…never used and would make an amazing display boat (again he would never sell anything he has).

I have a different buddy with a Shadow 13…technically his sister’s, and they also plan to keep it. I paddled it late this past season…what a hot rod! No wonder it used to be a top freestyle boat, one stroke and you are flying and the ability to maneuver seems limited only by the paddler.

How did you know?

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What makes you think that a Blackhawk, trimmed in maple would create a "drool reaction" from me?

Honey! Bring me another paper towel;I gotta wipe some more drool off the keyboard..........

What's wrong?

Well this guy on pnet has a sadistic streak, and he's creating mental pictures of mint condition boats that I lust after. This guy knows some other guy who has these boats, but the guy who has the boats won't turn em loose........


P.S. If I live long enough, I think I've got a shot at that Lotus, but it might take another 3 years to wear him down. Patience my ass; I want that boat, and I want it now!

Anyone else have info on or pictures of
these boats?


I have a few pics from a canoeing
conclave at Fort Yargo State Park way back in the 70s or 80s. Mike Galt was there, and I believe there were representatives of the Curtis and Pat Moore factions. I might have taken a picture of one of the Lotus boats.

However, I don’t know where, exactly, the prints and negatives are, amongst the approximately 12,000 I have in the closet. I’m doing a lot of scanning now, so if I run into them, I’ll catch up with you on the forum and have you give me an email address.

Happy scavenging.
12,000 is a lot of pics.

Hemlock’s photo albums do have a pic of Mike Galt.

I have a Caper and a BJX
Bought a BJX and Caper from Mike in Tampa in the early-mid 80’s, which I still have.

The Caper is the much better solo canoe. Turns much better when leaned. If you are 165 or less, the cheeked hull aft of center will easily skid-pivot on turns. The Caper is easily distinguishable from all Mike’s other boats because it has a forward prow but a recurved stern, which Mike called a “vaguely mammalian shape”.

The BJX is probably over 16 feet and is just a straight forward speed rocket with huge flair. It could probably carry more as a tripper. Very tender.

Both have nice sliding solo seats.

Didn’t care for the Dandy at all. Paddled it and the BJX in the Glades on the Turner River with Bardy Jones the day after Katerina Witt won the 84 Olympics. Doesn’t track that well or hold much.

The Egret was marketed and set up as a tandem boat and is very wide – although Mike personally paddled an Egret set up for solo because he was too heavy for his Dandy and Caper, and because he could do much more aggressive and impressive leans on the rock solid massive flare for his freestyle canoe exhibitions.

He also made the 20’ Heron tandem.

All of these canoes are very distinctive in shape and are easily distinguishable.

The Caper is still my favorite solo flatwater canoe of all time – as long as the water remains flat. The perfect slow water and swamp canoe for medium and light weight paddlers. Vertical, it tracks straight; leaned, it can spin on a dime.

Thanks for that info.
I owned a BJX for a season a few years ago and it didn’t work well for me at 5’6", 155 lbs - it was too big for me. It also seemed to require kneeling and I prefer to sit at least half the time if in the boat for much over an hour. My knees can’t take kneeling all the time.

From the info so far, it seems like the Caper would be best match of a Galt boat for my size and preferences.

So, you like the Caper for flatwater, but don’t use it on moving water, why is that?


I’m surprised that…
…CEW has not responded on this one. He and Mike were some of the early pioneers of FS canoe and contempory hull design. Charlie knows a great deal about Mike’s boats and designs, as well.

I met Mike a coupla times and talked paddling. He had definite opinions.