mildew smell in hatches--ugh!

How do I get it out?!

Kill the microrganisms
on a regular basis.

Bleach solution will work, but I like a Lemon Lysol disinfectant solution for my funky shoes, mukluks, and hatches. Lemony fresh!


I use a stronger concentration but a bleach/water mix and an old rag. Then I let it sit and air out for an hour or more. And finally I rince it out with fresh water.


Dryer Sheet
Once dry, toss in a dryer sheet during storage. Smells much better when pop the hatch.

See you on the water,


Remove all hatch covers and allow plenty of time for everything to dry out every time you use the boat. A drop of vanilla extract on a scrap of paper towel will leave a pleasent scent behind. Works well on ice chests also, been doing it for years.

Awesome idea