mildwater pfd recall

Recently got a letter from lotus designs with recall info for my mildwater pfd. Spent a hour on the web looking at other PFDs and really didn’t find any that I liked better (hate zippers, like the mildwaters clips better, love the mesh back with my kayak seat). Astrals LDB looks ok but pricey. I was wondering if anybody had sent their mildwater back for replacement and what pfd lotus replaced it with (and how long it took), or if anybody took the cash and if that worked out ok. Hate to lose the vest and the $$$, which seems pretty likely.

For the record, in practicing on lakes the mildwater keeps my head above water just fine.

They bugged me until I sent mine back with a note requesting a replacement which I thought was part of their offer.

I got a check for about what I paid for it but if I had it to do again I would keep the PFD because they are now unavailable it seems.

I ordered a Stohlquist A-Sea Mesh-Back to replace it. I hope I like it as well.

not checking status of my mildwater
This is the first life jacket in my adult life which not only fits and is also comfortable for me to wear. Actually there were no life jackets when I was a teen canoeing with the youth group.

I’ve not checked the recall status of mine because I like it and replacing its fit and comfort is a challenge I’m not up to presently.

Fortunately it is not crucial as sadly my body, as it is, still has more than enough natural floatation without assistance.

The pockets on the Mildwater are very handy!

Try Extrasport model MSB

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Love my Lotus Mildwater. Have two of them. One small for nearly naked kayaking, large for wearing over insulating clothing. Have not returned the one under recall. I found about the recall when I started my two month kayaking and camping in Maine. Unable to find a decent replacement, I kept using it. On my way out of Maine after Labor Day, I found a decent replacement in the Extrasport Model MSB. With its mesh back, it clears the seat back. It has great pockets. Unfortunately it has a zipper rather than the clasps. But it works, and the way its straps cross on the back prevents it from riding up. It is expensive, but it is probably worth it. I guess I should return the recalled Lotus.
Added: The Extrasport model is called Solstice.

"I guess I should return [it]"
Anyone looking to return the recalled Lotus DEEPWATER PFD should send it directly to me. Preferrably yellow or red.

Mildwaters will not be refused

size L/XL only please

What was the reason??
Did they mention why they were recalling that specific model / lot no.

I’d want to know what the problem was. If it was something superficial, I wouldn’t bother.

mildwater recall replacements
I emailed lotus and here is the email I got from them. I’ll ask them if I can wait til feb to get the new mesh back vest.

“A mesh-back PFD will only be available after February 2007.

Until then we have a limited number of styles to choose from. A list of available products is attached. Again, none have a mesh back. If you are interested in replacing your Mildwater PFD with one from the list, please specify the item along with your return. Otherwise, I would recommend that you request a refund.

I hope that this information is helpful. Please feel free to email back or call with any questions.

Thank you,

Mark Blume


As for why the recall certian lots may not have the coast gaurd required boyancy of 15.5 lb.

If I find out about the new release

(and its price) I’ll post it.