Mildwater Recall

I really like my mildwater pfd and I just found out that they have been recalled. I checked my pfd and it is from the same lot that is shown in the recall picture on the lotus web site. I could ship it in and get a refund but I have no idea what I’d replace it with. I really like the high back design of the mildwater and would want to get something similar (or at least as comfortable).

I used my pfd for swimming in lake Norris a few weeks ago and it seemed to hold me up just fine. Does it really need to be replaced?

Thanks you for this public safety
notice! Check your mildwater folks!

As for your question? it’s your life. I’d replace it in a second. These guys are pros. if ther is wear stitching in a shoulder or someting like that …

Quietwater not recalled?
In a previous post someone mentioned that the Quietwater was being recalled, but I could find nothing about the Quietwater recall on the Lotus website. Probably thinking about the Mildwater, or has it not been announced yet?