Military paddlers

I was just thinking back on my military days and what we always did around the 4th of July and got to wondering what some of you others were paddling back then?

Army 84-87 Military District of Washington M.P.Co. Grumman 18’ double ender

Happy 231st birthday America.


Back in 84 I was paddeling a Mohawk 16… I am still in… Still paddling, but now my fleet has grown to include a couple of QCC-700s, tarpon 160, and a plastic Kruger…

USN. Was sailing back then. Friend of mine had an Irwin 27 in Charleston, SC.

USN. Lots of memories, good and bad but no paddling experience until 2004


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I was paddling much earlier say 1966-1970 stationed at Charleston, SC on the Cooper river. I always loved to paddle beside the bottle nosed porpoises. I would take the canoe and run the area around the jetties for fish and the surf runs. Even back then the USS Holland had not been discovered. Small world isn't it

Made it a career
1982-1991 I did not paddle but cycled quite a bit. 1991-2004 US Navy. Paddled extensively around Okinawa and paddled in China, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Hawaii because of it.

Retired in 2001
Paddle a few times, but never got a canoe until after I retired USAF

Bobby G

Paddled a raft made from

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two ponchos, two rifles, all of our gear, tree branches, and leaves across the Panama Canal and Gatun Lake while attending the US Army Jungle Warfare School on the way to the Republic of Vietnam in 1968.
A Co 1/5 Cav, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile).

all those wasted years!

I was once
in a small boat unit and we got to paddle our Zodiacs every time the motor died (we paddled a LOT :)).

A Co. 1st Bn, 8th Marines, 1986-90.

Inflatable rubber boat

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Marine Amphibious Reconnaissance School. 10 straight weeks of paddling, carrying, baling, dragging and lifting a wet and sandy inflatable rubber boat. Heeve hoe, stand fast, stroke, not fast enough, do it again, get that boat off your heads, dont drag my boat across my beach, You're ready to quit arent you, go pack your ****, are you tired yet, get out of the water and make suger cookies, get back in the water, your not cold enough yet.
Ahhh, the fun we had. I hated that boat.

I was out in 78. Built my tandem kayak
in 80 .