milky paint thinner

i went to get my supply of paint thinner replenished and all i could find is this milky white stuff, whats up with it? anybody have some experience with it? do i need to pay twice as much and get real turpentine? your thoughts, please and thanks

dan in port royal

ps i got my new thwart and center seat from ed’s for my malecite project,nice! ed’s is very good, service and product

Do you have a link for “milky white
stuff”? Haven’t heard of it. Maybe it’s for milk paint.

Milk paint just needs water. The cloudy white paint thinners are these new fangled enviro friendly concoctions. Can’t tell you about em other than that, cause I don’t use em.

What paint are you wanting to thin ?

link to ‘ks pro’ thinner…

oil base paint, alkyd enamel, varnish
etc, the manufacturer of course touts it as the better alternative to ‘mineral spirits’. i hope to get feedback from people who are using it

new stuff
The “better alternative” paint thinner works ok, but not as well as the orriginal.

Go to a paint store instead of a big box lumber yard and get real paint thinner. The professional painters won’t use this new stuff, buy where they buy.

Bill H.

right on, thanks nm

HD sells it; Mineral spirits.

Hey, I was obviously serious.

Use mineral spirits
Known as white spirit here.

Throw that crap away
It is useless!

It belongs in the “Green” thread

If you hunt around you can still find the old fashion smelly paint thinner.

After I tried it last year, I came to the conclusion that the Lowes buyers evidently don’t try out their own products.



The milky stuff is inferior
to mineral spitits. Turpentine works great and smells good, too, but it is the most expensive. For just cleaning brushes kerosene or diesel works well.

Sorry, this stupid internet thing lacks an intonation button, and sometimes I miss sarcasm.