Millbrook AC/DC review requested

I have paddled a great many canoes, and am looking at a Millbrook AC/DC as possibly my next canoe. The construction method and price both look very good, and the general dimensions/pictures seem to be exactly what I am after. I haven’t paddled one, though, and was hoping for some comparisons.

Ideally, someone could tell me how it handles compared to more common boats like a Mad River Explorer, NovaCraft Prospector, Wenonah Prospector, Esquif Canyon etc. I expect it would be faster and more maneuverable than the Mad River Explorer, for example, but maybe also a bit less stable? How dry would it run through wave trains?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Ask over on - someone there is likely to own one. Kaz, the builder, also checks in on that board from time to time.

The Millbrook boats I’ve seen in person have all been top notch.

I know of two
but the owners are unlikely to be on P-net.

As Somalley said might get you some answers.

You might try asking on Millbrook Boats Facebook page as well.

Tandem, or solo?
It was designed to be paddled tandem, facing one way for slalom and the other for downriver, in “combined” ww events. In the one event I know about, Berry and partner placed high but were outdone by c-2 teams more familiar with the Nantahala course.

I’ve always wanted a to go AC/DC, but my wife won’t let me. Too many boats already.

I haven’t paddled one, but compared to the list you present, it will be faster, more maneuverable, but in most cases less dry. On the other hand, the point of a maneuverable boat is to put it down a route where you don’t take on water.

It would be very workable as a solo wilderness tripper for rivers and some lake work. Tandem, it (in my opinion) does not have the extra capacity for two guys and wilderness gear.