Millbrook Canoes

While this might be more appropriate for New England paddlers but I want to through it out here.

I’ve seen Kaz’s Millbrook boats, but have never paddled them. As a composite lay up, just how strong are there? Please advise.

A well-respected builder.

Composite boats are, in some ways, superior to plastic. Especially in that they can be repaired. Plastic is very hard to repair.

However, they are a pain if you do a lot of rock bashing. You are always worried about hurting your boat and this hurts your paddling.

If you do serious whitewater, I’d think twice.

The other advantage of glass boats is design. You can get better designs in glass normally.

Weight is also a consideration, but I’ve always thought this over-rated. A heavy layup isn’t much lighter than a plastic boat.


if you
can get to a slalom race (NESS) you’ll probably see a few or more. I don’t know anything about the layup. Supposedly they’re “overbuilt.” I just know he’s got some of my favorite designs and if I could stay off the granite I’d love to get one…or two…or

unfortunately, my whitewater days are coming to end b/c of a series of knee surgeries over the last year. I’m specifically looking at the AC/DC or the Coho as tripper/poling boat with the occasional “family” paddles with the wife and baby

See for yourself
Hi Dave,

Long time no see.

If you can get to any of the ACA poling cruises you stand a good chance of getting up close and personal with Ed Hayden’s Souhegan and Sean C’s Coho.

The schedule is here,

If you want contact info for those guys drop me a line.


it is
nice to be back. After five knee surgeries since I last saw you, I haven’t been on the water much. I finally got pretty decent in my Probe and the knees gave out and I can’t kneel any longer

Now that I’m (mostly) healed, I’ve sold the Probe and the Esquif Canyon and I’m looking for a 15.5-16’ boat in which I can solo, trip, pole and take the baby out from time to time. Any suggestions?

All I really know is that my next poling boat will turn easier than the Explorer. And be more efficient on the flats. All without losing the rock steady dependability of the Explorer.

The Old town Appilachian turns better and runs steady but I don’t think it’s noticably more efficient.

You might like the Coho. IMO the Souhegan would be too small to tandem.

The ACDC is a down river racer. I have not seen one but I’d expect it to be fast, tender and hard to turn.

Lot’s of boats I’d like to try, the Bell Yellowstone tandem, DaggerMatt’s Swift Dumoine, The Esquif Mistral, all of the various Prospectors.

I have a feeling
that i’m going to put in an order for the mistral, once I deliver the Canyon. The Esquif Canyon was great down river boat but with 5.5" of rocker it was a pig on the flats.

The mistral looks intriquing but I’ve heard that its a bitch to outfit and that vina-bond doesn’t work. Have you spoken to anyone that has paddled one?

The closest I’ve got is the one on the floor at the Reading (Ma) REI.

It looks pretty good. I’d have to paddle/pole one to know more than that.

As Eric mentions there is a special glue for outfitting that seems to have satisfied folks outfitting their Zephyrs. If it will hold airbags and thighstraps it’s got to be pretty solid.

There is
one there?

I want to see it in person before I drop 1800 bucks on one. Does it look overly rockered to you?

There was a week ago
Have not been in since.

It looks like a tripping hull not a dedicated whitewater boat.

Very nice
I’ll have to shoot down there. I’ll order it through Kaz. Hopefully, I won’t have to wait all summer to get it

Zephyr twintex outfitting
I’ve tried every glue in my Zephyr. It will hold for a while and then let loose when you need it most. I’m tired of not being able to depend on my straps staying in for trip. So, I’ve decided to use a thigh retainer similar to Mohawk, and BOLT it in!


Tommy, if ya’
ever come to the farmington, lemme’ know. I’ll bring the Dumoine. I like it for poling, although it allowed a self pin and subsequent “aggresive step out” wed. night!!(not my fault HAW)