MillBrook FlashBack, first hand review?

Can someone give us a firsthand report about this boat?

Appreciate it!



have your new one delivered to Raystown
… and I’ll write a review.

Better yet, send BOTH of your new ones to Raystown and we can compare and contrast them real-time and then write a review.

Try Cboats

Your best bet for reviews of Kaz boats.

Can’t I paddle yours?


Thanks Tommy.
I looked at normal description under OC1. Appears same as on MillBrook’s site. The Flash has been around awhile.

Did a search for FlashBack and MillBrook and found nothing more. I’m not used to site. I there another way/place to look there?



e-mail Kaz?
You could also consider e-mailing Kaz through the Millbrook website. I swapped notes with him a couple of years back and he was pretty straightforward about what the boat would do well at and what it wouldn’t be so good for.

Tried one
Paddled a Flashback . Made a couple of runs on a class 2-2 plus section of river. As I recall, as a 6"4" 200lb paddler, the Flashbacked favored smaller guys.

However a few things to consider. In 30 plus years of on again off again WW paddling the only other boats I can compare it with were my Perception HD-1 and a couple of Millbrook M/E’s.

I saw John Berry, at every bit of 6’4". the Flashback designer paddle many fast and clean slalom runs in a Flashback. I on the other hand have never paddled a slalom course fast and/or clean.

This paddle happen close to 30 years ago which would make it the late 70’s.There is a better then average chance that my memory may be clouded by the fact that we may have inhaled a few on that day.

I think I would go with c2g and email John.

Ask the same question there
I’ll bet you have found all there is on cboats. It’s not a complicated site.

If you ask the same question over there you might find folks who have paddled or do paddle the Flashback.