Million Dollar Question

If this is a $1,000,000.00 question

– Last Updated: Aug-03-07 5:29 PM EST –

we are all in trouble.

and if you're smart you'll let your girlfriend win the argument. That's how much I know about arguments.

I bet GF won…

I’ll bet it will be a long weekend
for him if she doesn’t.

You guys are
a freakin trip man. Kinda people I could enjoy a brew my the fire with after a long day yaking. :slight_smile: Think I’ll leave my GF at home though!! LOL

Speaking of…I have more comments on this topic but I need to go load my yaks on my truck for tomorrows adventure. Back in a bit.

You’re too late

– Last Updated: Aug-03-07 10:38 PM EST –

the GF privately e-mailed us and said she was going to leave you home. Sorry )-:

We'll paddle with you the next time.

BTW who won the bet?

Don’t know
can’t get a definite answer to the question. So far, it seems to be leaning her way. DOH!! Ok… so maybe I wasn’t a physics major in college. It has been kinda fun getting those sedentary brain cells smokin. :)And just think how much fun it is going to be when I admit that I was wrong. LOL. Enough of this S…I’m headed to the river.