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If you add air flotation bags to the inside front and/or rear of a kayak, what effect does it have on the kayak as it sits in or moves through the water? Does it add a buoy effect to the kayak raising it out of the water or does it only impact the kayak in keeping it from sinking if it fills with water?
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a friend of mine
here at work (with a GED) said it would float higher if you filled them with helium.

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Keeps the boat from sinking

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Hydrogen or helium in the air bags may provide an immeasurable amount of "bouy"' effect.

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Float bags filled with air will only add weight to empty kayak. Of course, the weight will be negligible - equal to the weight of empty bag + attachment hardware.

Float bags filled with Helium or Hydrogen will add less weight - you can calculated the difference. I’d be extremely surprised if it reduces weight.

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only affect the kayak when it is upside down or under water the air in the kayak float bags can’t be displaced by water, so you wind up with less water in the boat, and a boat that will still float with some water in it. If you don’t have the float backs and wind up upside down or underwater then water will displace the air in your kayak, this is how you wind up with a sinking water logged kayak.

If your bulkheads and hatches seal well, it’ll have no effect right side up or upside down.

I agree

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I agree with the posts above.

A boat running normally would see no significant difference with float bags. Only difference would be the added weight of float bag and attachments, which should be nominal.

If you flip the boat or it otherwise takes on water, the float bags would make a huge difference in how much water gets in the boat (assuming you don't have watertight hatches that are still doing their job).

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how did this become a big question to start with? (as above, the float bags I regularly use have made no diff in how high the boat sits in the water)

Actually, Actually
Actually, I think you’re assuming the kayak in question has bulkheads which it may not.


if your boat has fore and aft bulkheads…many boats don’t have one or the other, or both.

very good

What temperature is the air? (nm)

How many pounds of air pressure you put in the bags:^)

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No measureable diff.

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Bulkheads or not doesn't matter I don't think. It's only if you start filling the compartments that contain the float bags with water that the float bags matter, whether the compartment is the whole boat or a bulkheaded compartment. Yeah, the cloth adds a little weight to sink the boat slightly, and maybe the bags insulate the air inside so that it's a slightly different temp than it would be without the bags.

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