Mill's pond, NC paddling and camping

I saw pics of this place on the Shadow Aero forum that I visit alot. I REALLY wanna go to this place to paddle and camp!! If I ride my bike I will need to rent a kayak-if I bring my car no problem on the kayak thing! I need to know if there is camping right at this place or near it and the name of the campground. I really wanna go there next year!!

Merchants Millpond SP?
Here’s a link:

Here’s a trip report:

There are canoe or kayak in camp sites. I had planned to go this year with Mike McCrea and the Duckheads, but couldn’t make it. Next year for sure. I’m sure Mike will be happy to provide more info. I tried to bring up his trip report but got errors on pnet.

Are you recovered? Do you go by yourself?


Nice Paddling
If it is Merchants Mill Pond then it is a very nice paddle and it does offer on-site camping. I have not camped there as I made it a day trip but the sites look fine.

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Merchant"s Millpond
I was there last fall. They have several typs of camp grounds and rent canoes but not kayaks. It is a great place…very swamp like and lots of wild life.

Bring bug repellant and have a good time.

For camping
most folks go in the spring before or fall after the tics/biting bugs are a problem. Day paddles are better in the summer unless you don’t mind constant tic checks.

oh, ticks and skeeters and chiggars …

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nice day paddle in summer. decent camping in late fall and early spring ... but avoid camping in mid summer or you'll be drained of blood before your trip is over.

a better paddle/camp in my opinion is the Roanoke River using the 'platforms' for camping at days end.

i've led trips down the Roanoke many times and everyone has had a great time. let me know if you decide on this location ... i can help you out with shuttle etc.

dan in north carolina.

Actually I received more info…
The place that the Aero guy mentioned is called Little Pee Dee State park-has anybody ever gone there to camp and paddle? Guess I should consider a fall vacation there or early spring-don’t wanna come home with NO blood! HAHA!!

Little Pee Dee SP is in SC - not NC
But being a good Tar Heel I’ll still give you the URL for it:

And, for good meaasure, here’s the URL for all NC State Parks/Recreation Areas:



Leave it to a PADDLER to really find the scoop on the poop! HAHA!!

My trip this spring…
Went this April 2006, would wait till fall or next spring as the bugs are really bad now.