Milwaukee-area kayaking tours?


I am traveling to Milwaukee next week and am trying to find a place to rent a kayak and go on a tour with other people. It would just be me and I would need to join a group.

I found a company called Marsh n Stream in Milwaukee, but they don’t accept solo paddlers joining groups.

Anybody know a place that for a tour. I won’t have my own kayak and would need to rent one, too.



Laakce & Joy
try this

Call the downtown store. They are right on the Milwaukee River and rent Kayaks. They run tours right from their store a few days a week.

No Solo Paddlers?
Anyone know what the reasoning behind the “no solo paddlers” policy might be? Just curious.

I read on their web site a while back that it was for insurance reasons. Not sure why that would be, but that’s the reason given.

There is a regular Sunday morning group paddle on Lake Michigan.

Many of our area rivers are at flood stage right now after the past weeks heavy rain. What kind of trip are you looking for?

If you do call Laackie & Joys, talk to Sherri, she is the dept. manager and an avid paddler.

Laakce & Joy
Thank you. I saw this store and Marsh N Stream also suggested I call them. I will.

As to no solo paddlers, they didn’t say the reason why, but I guess they feel two heads are better than one.

Thank you all for your help!


Will be in Milwaukee on Monday
I’ll be in Milwaukee on Monday to Friday, so unfortunately I won’t be able to join your paddle. I will contact the lady you suggest at the store.

Thanks again!!!

kind of trip
Sorry, didn’t see the second part of your post. I just wanted to get away from the family and head down a somewhat gentle river. I’m use to the East River in NYC, and while I don’t want to go too far out by myself, a lazy paddle looking at urban or non-urban scenery is what I’m looking for. I forgot, though, that the midwest has been inundated with flooding lately. Might change my plans a bit, if it’s out of control. Like I mentioned before, I’ve never been out by myself before, just with a group of two to 20 people. Not sure how adventurous I am on my own just yet.

If you are interested

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in joining us for a late afternoon/evening paddle on Lake MI, we are in Kenosha, have a spare boat and gear, and would be willing to meet in the Kenosha/Racine area.

Shoot me an e-mail.