Milwaukee Area Paddling

Greetings All -
I haven’t been on in some time…kids growing and new jobs etc…

My family and I recently moved to the Milwaukee area and I’m truly missing the 10,000 lakes of MN. Anyone have any good recommendations for paddling spots in the area? I’m looking for after school activities and weekend paddles with the kids as well as something that would help my overly suppressed adventurous side.

What kind of paddling are you looking for? You have Lake Michigan but if you’re looking more inland it depends what area you’re in. I am north so I do a lot of paddling on Big and Little Cedar, or Pike Lake. Horicon marsh is awesome for river paddling. If you’re West then look at the Delafield area there is a nice cluster of lakes. There is also the Monches Millpond 38 has a nice launch Loews launch.

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Get a book called “Paddling Southern Wisconsin,” by Mike Svob. He has a lot of information in there that you’ll find valuable. The copy I have is nearly 20 years old, not sure if a new edition came out.

Mike also wrote “Paddling Northern Wisconsin” and “Paddling Illinois,” which can expand your horizons.