? Min II or Escape

Hi All,
Have been paddling a tuffweave MinII for a while now and we paddle it lightly loaded for day trips on flat water only. looking for something lighter and was wondering if the Escape would better suit our needs. I have heard that the boats perform best with a certain weight load and it sounds like we are not loading the MinII to its optimal capacity for day trips (about 350- 370 lbs total in use.) and that we might be better off with a boat like the Escape. we like the efficiency of this type of boat not so much for speed but for paddling ease and glide.
Contrary to that iss that folks who race the MinII are probably not loading it to optimal weight (whatever that is) but are winning races in it.
What is your experience with these 2 boats under the day trip lightly loaded conditions. Just stopped at a big boat dealer and they have no Escapes, only got in 1 this year.
thanks a lot.