Mini cell block roof rack

About 5 years ago I bought a temporary roof rack that consisted of 4 minicell foam blocks, with curves carved out to conform to the contours of a hull. I don’t use them on a roof rack, but they work out really well as mounts form my surf ski on my trailer. Does anyone know where I can buy those?

I forgot where I bought them 5 years ago, and can’t find any on the web.


Foam Blocks
Riverside Cartop Carriers


Bass Pro

Any place that sells boats

Not exactly what I had in mind
Thanks for the suggestions, but I’m looking for something a little more specific.

I’m looking for a set of four blocks, with semi circles cut out of the,m, so that if you put two together you’d have a saddle that contours to the shape of the hull. The area of support like a pair of Mako saddles. 4 blocks would make saddles for two bunks, to support bow and stern.

I’m looking for a combination of support and shock / vibration absorption.eck those sites though, just to be sure. Thanks again for the suggestion. I may have to buy blocks and cut my own.

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