Mini Pack Canoe Plan?

I’m building a plywood boat, and have a bit of leftover plywood, epoxy, glass and such.

I also have a nephew who will be three soon.

I’m thinking of building him a mini-canoe out of three panels of wood - one bottom and two sides.

Any ideas on how I could find or make a plan for this? I’m thinking about making one out of paper and then just measuring the dimensions and scaling up.


Six hour canoe
Plans are sold but you might get an idea from this blog

free plans

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the plan is to make a kayak, but some have made it a canoe. a little more complex than you mentioned,
if you don't care if it looks like a box, I have built four mouseboats. one micromouse , two squaremice, and one Romana, my kids don't care if it doesn't have pointy ends, getting out on the water is what counts.