mini skirt entry


I am looking for advice on the best ways to enter a kayak if it has a mini spray skirt on it. The first time I tried I ended up falling so I took it off the kayak. Are you supposed to put it on after you enter? I haven’t tried that yet.

Mini skirt? Please expound

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I'm not entirely sure what it is that you're trying to describe here. Are you saying that the spray skirt is already attached to the coaming, and that you're trying to climb into the tunnel of the skirt? If so, this is really not the way to go about it, and if this is what you're trying to do, I can understand why you're experiencing some difficulties.

It is customary to wear the skirt *before* you enter the boat, then, once you're sitting, you secure the skirt to the coaming rim. If I'm understanding your problem correctly, this should solve the problem.

And just what is a "mini skirt" in this context? I've been known to wear a mini skirt now and again, but I find them to be eminently impractical as paddling apparel. After all, there's hardly a ladylike way to get into and out of a kayak while wearing a mini-skirt! :-)


I take the skirt off before going into the cockpit.

Mini skirt…

I put mine on after I am sitting
I have a Mini, or 1/2 skirt I use when on the local lakes, when the water is cooler than I want splashing on my legs, or if the sun it hot and I want to keep it off of my legs. it is great for conditions when I don’t need a full skirt.

It covers the front of my cockpit from my “belly” forward. I like it a lot.

I sit in the kayak, and then pull it down over my head, so the skirt is in front of me, and the back bungie is behind me. I then put the bungie under the back cockpit rim, and work forward, just like a regular spray skirt.

It is great on calmer water, when you want to have a little protection over your legs, and it is not as hot in the summer as a full skirt.

But it is not an acceptable alternative for conditions where you should be using a full skirt.

Happy Paddling!

after entry…
…unless you’re talking about a traditional miniskirt. :wink:

mini skirt entry
Thanks everyone. I figured putting it on after you’re in the boat would be the way to go. At 6’3" and 220 it’s a bit hard to squeeze into that little hole even if it is only a mini!

BTW, Melissa - I don’t think you’ll be seeing me in a real mini skirt any time soon.

Thanks again for all the replies.


I don’t get it
wudda ya tryin to say, seakak?