Mini Skirts/ Splash Deck

Great for keeping the sun off my legs when it’s too hot for a full sprayskirt. I made one from an extra cockpit cover with a long zipper right down the middle. This works well and makes it easy to get in and out quickly. It won’t fit my new boat so I’m looking at what’s out there ready made. None I’ve seen have the handy zip open feature. Best looking one is the Seals splash deck. Here’s the question, do you have to remove the skirt from the cockpit every time you get out or can you leave it in place and work around it?

Have to remove it

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At least for me in a Manitou 13. I do have to go one hip then the other, so I do use some of the forward cockpit space for the legs as I get in and out. Maybe if I were observing fish I could get out without taking off the deck, but right side up, I wouldn't be able to fit.

I like having the mesh pocket right there, very easy way to store camera/snacks in a ziplock bag, and works well in preventing wind-driven chop from entering the boat.

Slike it forward
This gives me enough room to get in and out. I am not very big though.

Dang I can’t spell

will depend
Should have added really will depend on size of you, boat and size of splash deck and the relationship between all three.

Yeah but
I slide my Seals forward and hook it over the front of the coaming to get in and out; it’s a big cockpit (Pachena). But mine only has a big bungee that goes around the back of the coaming, not fabric like the new ones seem to have.

That’s what I do w/ mine.
I have a 57" cockpit on my LL Stingray, though, so YMMV w/ smaller cockpits.

I loaned my Seals SplashDeck to a paddling partner that forgot his sprayskirt when we went down some class-1 w/ 1-2’ standing waves, and it kept the water out on all but the largest waves and when he got turned sideways. Worked well for him. He would have been swamped easily without it.