mini tripper video

My 6year old’s first Kayak. I think she did pretty good for the first time.


6 year old not sitting in front of the TV or playing video games impresses me. Another person hooked on kayaking, hope she has a good allowance for buying gear.

Tha’s good. But the Mini Tripper was
a ~15 foot Old Town Canoe. A guy I knew won the combined class in it, in the open canoe nationals.

Start Early

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The Lego City Mini Figure Coast Guard Kayak Set #5621
is about $20 on Amazon. The kit has everything a
young child (or adult) needs to assemble a kayaker,
complete with paddle, lifejacket and helmet.
It even floats since air is trapped in the hollow bricks.

that lego thing is cool… I’ll check out that.