Mini-X for Fishing in Sheltered Bays, an

Hi, Does anyone have any info or experience about the Malibu Mini-X for fishing. Thanks.


Do a search on (they may actually have a Malibu forum with information about the Mini-X) and All the information I’ve seen on teh Mini-X are that it does fine for a short kayak in bays. There were some early problems with, I believe, the areas where the seat is attached being week and developing cracks, but Malibu was good about addressing the problem and most likely has redesigned the boat to prevent it in new models.

Mini X
I have a Mini X and use it primarily for fishing. I’ve used it on fresh water lakes for bass, and in saltwater tributaries and tidal flats. It is very stable, and makes a nice fishing yak.

Mini X

heres the Mini X forum at the Malibu site… not very big yet but it’s brand new and will grow over time, besides most the guys are quick to respond and give you good advice and reviews…