Minicell adhesive but not contac cement?

I’ve got two carved up pieces of minicell that I really want to install “just so”, but I doubt I can do it with contact cement. Chances are I’ll get one or both pieces off just a bit, and it will irritate me a tad every time I look at it.

Is there anything that isn’t so “one shot” (as contact cement is) that works well and lasts?

I figured it doesn’t hurt to ask

Marine Goop n.m.

"Aaron the outfitter"
in my family uses 3M5300. Takes nearly a week for full cure.

Camie® 313
Camie® 313 works great and actually hold better the 2nd time you place it on a surface.


I’m also pondering another approach
I may try laying the minicell down where it needs to be. Then, use good tape (duct tape?) on one end to make a sort of hinge. Then, open the hinge to expose both surfaces (boat and underside of minicell), then coat, dry, coat, dry as usual … then close up the hinge, and hopefully the minicell is exactly where it belongs.

you can use waxed or even newspaper between foam and boat after the cement firms, line up foam and carefully pull paper out.

very interesting …

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Doesn't the dried contact cement adhere to the waxed paper?

Almost sounds too good to be true.


Not at all…

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We use to use newspaper between counter tops and Formica with contact cement to line it up and then pull out the paper. You have to let the contact cement dry first in any case. It's even better to use two coats of cement. The cement will give you the dry/application times.
Now combine the paper with your hinges and you should be good to go.

Good luck,GH

I just placed the foam where I wanted it, draw an outline around it on the boat, apply glue and try to get the foam back in the same place.

Wow … thanks!
Proof that it’s better to ask then just assume there’s no solution.

Hopefully I can try it before tomorrow and report back.

Appreciate the help.

2nd Marine Goop. Plenty of work time
(hours)and it is not coming loose once it sets.

Seam Grip
Anyone use seam grip for minicell application? This stuff works for everything else i’ve tried it for, but i’ve never used for minicell foam.

I think there’s a fast version that should cure up in a couple days.

Rethink contact…
…as per above, or maybe E6000 (Walmart, craft, woodworking stores), or 5200 fast cure (kick but adhesion, and great flex after cure, but you may need a way to hold things in place until it begins to firm up).

How about Lexcel with minicel? It works for foam bulkheads…

Used the waxed paper with contact cement
What a terrific result. Minicell is perfectly placed. No trouble at all.

Thanks Grayhawk, great idea.

Thanks folks for the recommendations on other products too. I didn’t have time to experiment or lead time to allow curing. Went with what I had on hand and what I knew.

A slightly more temporary/permanent setup, or if more than 1 person uses the boat, you could put velcro on the back of the pads, and glued to the boat. This would let you switch out different pads for different people, or to reposition the pads as you need them.

Mask the placement area

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If you mask the area as a placement outline you can do the contact cement with no problem. For marine applications I first coat both surfaces and let it set and then re-coat both surfaces again - let that sit until a dry sticky surface is reached and then bond. Sanded mini-cell can absorb the cement that's whey two coats are better.

If your not fighting gravity, you can put the piece down while the contact cement is not dry so you can move it a bit and weight it down. There will be a point where you can pull it apart to allow air under it and press it back together for a good bond. Make sure you use the flammable cement not the water based type.

3.5" deck screws.

I use those for roof attachments
I have my wife hold a block of wood up against the headliner

A little late but you can use
dowels or pencils, pens etc. in there as well.