I am considering making a minicell backrest. I paddled a boat a couple of months ago that had a nicely shaped minicell back rest and I really liked it.

Seemed like his was formed from a big block of foam, yet all the minicell I have seen available online are in thin sheets.

Anyone know a source for buying a block that would be suitable to shave down into a good backrest (I like to sit fairly far forward so I would need a descent sized block.



foam (NRS)

Sweet Composites

Right in your backyard.

Matt you might already know this or not. Sea Kayaking USA makes a backrest for most NDK Kayaks. You can get it thru most larger Kayak shops. I have one installed in my Greenlander Pro. It does great for Torso twist. Anyway here is a link to a shop not too far from you.


May have some left over

I think I have enough left over for you. Remind me next time we get together.



Black Minicell Closed Cell Foam Waterproof 24"x12"x4.5

Type in “minicell” in eBay, and see the large hunks from foam4you. Two very nice ladies own the eBay retailer, and I have bought that exact foam from them, twice.

Foam backrest

We have them in stock and can ship them out right away if you’d like one – you can probably shape it to fit the Valley boat just fine.

Mike, Thanks for the plug.

  • Tom

    Virginia Sea Kayak Center

I’ve used these guys

Now go to Great Outdoor Provisions.

Take a look at Brian Nystrom’s webshots page. Ditto for Don Goss and Betsy Bay Kayaks. They use a wider foam back rest, and I prefer this configuration on my kayaks. I generally force a roughed out piece in place and then carve in situ so that there’s no need to glue or velcro.