minicell foam seat mods

I was looking for an inexpensive yet effective way to make the original seats on my pamlico excel more comfortable. Luckily they are made of a fabric shell and foam insert.

I found a minicell foam camping pad at walmart for about $12 and within minutes the seats went from primitive to luxurious!

I just wanted to let those do it yourself types know of this cheap readily available source of minicell foam, and it is convoluted on one side with enough material to do at least four seats.

Post a link please


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a link to walmart? a photo? I dont have a photo. The seat consists of a hard plastic base and a detachable fabric shell that has a foam insert. All that was necessary was to dissasemble it and remove the original foam to trace the outline on the new foam like a pattern. very simple really.

I was just excited to find minicell foam cheap and in my hands within minutes instead of days.

I need the same
I was being lazy & asking you for more details.

what kind of kayak do you have?
I don’t know if there is a walmart across the pond where you are but look for a camping pad made of minicell foam (it does not adsorb water), this oddly enough should be cheaper than buying the raw material.

I want for when I am in Florida.

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I paddle a Heritage Alpha.

I was not aware Walmart carried minicell anything. The only foam I ever found was the cheap, closed cell blue sleeping pads.

If you’ve found something better I’d be interested in further description - department location, sold as (I’m guessing it wasn’t ‘kayak outfitting’ ;^)

Thanks much.

I think
I listed that it is sold as a camping pad, it is minicell it is blue and it is convoluted or eggcrate as some say. in the camping dept. at walmart. about 12 bucks

yup, ya’ did
I’m still surprised. I’ve just never seen blue minicell. I’ve never seen egg-crate minicell. I’ve never seen WalMart minicell.

But I have seen NON-minicell, closed-cell, egg-crate, ensolite type foam pads at WalMart. Thus my attempt to clarify if these were actually minicell or just another closed-cell foam.

Thanks for your heads-up. I’ll be checking locally!

I believe
it is minicell, it is very resilient and will not adsorb water. If it is not truly minicell then it is still ideal for the application. It is not the closed cell crushable stuff.

in my experience is most often found in grey or white. It is stiff enough to shape with a rasp and sand with sandpaper.

not minicell

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then this is not that kind of minicell , this is more rubbery though not heavy, kind of an elastomer in quality. It is a very small cellular foam that does not hold water, and is flexible enough to be rolled if it is thin enough. It is consistent throughout so, cutting it does not expose an adsorbent edge. Not for making a seat but ideal for cushioning one.

(maybe it is indeed minicell, a little research revealed that there are at least 10 different kinds of what is considered minicell)

Good for under the deck
I also got minicell sleep pad from walmart &

after finding it no good for sleeping on I’am

using it for padding under the deck and for

summer paddling under my heels.