Minicell onto plastic? What glue

What is the best glue - that I can get a hardware store or walmart ect… to glue minicell into plastic boats?



DAP Weldwood Gel Contact Cement
It’s great stuff and it’s available at most home improvement stores.

Plexus glue by ITW ?!! Hee, hee, hee …

It will work better than almost any other, … BUT … it will never ever come out either!!!

Change your mind? Can you take the item out? Sure you can. There will just be a few extra chunks of things like the hull come out with it. But , hey you can always patch a hull. Right? ;^)

The Weld Wood glue above is your best bet. Holds well and can be removed, with some effort later on.

So why did I mention the Plexus than? Just wanted to see if some over eager installer wanting the “best” will ignore the can not remove and use it causing a problem later on. Ok, so I am an instigator, always have been. Can be fun. :^)

Happy Paddl’n!



Marine Goop
You can get it at most hardware stores and will stick great to about any surface. I use it on my plastice boat for all the outfiting with minicell foam including the bulkheads and have never had a problem.


Both the marine goop and the Weldwood
contact cement have worked equally well for me.

With the marine goop the set up time is quicker and since it comes in a tube seems to be easier to use, so that is what I have used for the past few years.




Will get either the weldwood or the goop probably depends on what is cheaper lol…


Barge Cement would probably work, too
It definitely sticks to minicell and epoxy. I don’t see why it would not stick to plastic.

Doubt it Mick
Plexis is a silly choice for a polyethylene bond. I work with it.

Plexus…sorry…sniffing too much
Methacrylates work great for bonding composites, but for foam on poly a good contact cement is still the best option. Plexus is also very costly. It can be formulated for specific needs as well, but I doubt even the supplier of Plexus would recommend it for poly. ABS fine.

What about 3M 5200?
How do these glues compare to 3M 5200 & 4200 below-waterline marine adhesive? I’ve used both of those sucessfully for gluing foam to plastic, but have always wondered if there was something better.

like 5200 do not stick well long term to polyethylene. Satisfactory results can sometimes be had by roughing up the polyethylene and torching it a bit prior to clamping a part with 5200. Still, this bond can be pried apart unless backed up by fasterners. For gluing foam in polyethylene kayaks use contact cement and re-do it every year or so. The person who invents a fast, economical, super strong adhesive to glue things to polyetylene will become very wealthy.

It should work as well as contact cement
I would expect very similar results. The problem is that nothing other than one or two hard-to-find, hyper-expensive, industrial specialty glues will adhere to polyethylene.