Minicell, where to buy?

I’m sure this question has been asked before. But I can’t seem to find fish it out of the archives no matter how I search. I got tons of idea on what can one do with minicell. But not where to buy a bunch of them.

I’m not close to that many kayak shop. So if they’re sold in ‘other’ kind of shops, it would make it easier for me to find one nearby. What sort of stores have minicells in bulk?


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I've bought a wheelbarrowful of mnicell from this eBay retailer. Two women in OH making a mint off selling all sort of foam. Check them out and send an email asking about whatever you...

oh, wait, Oprah's on. I gotta fly.

i’ve bought from here …

I’ve had good experiences buying from

I’m thinking more like walking into a store and pick them up kind…

Paying $10 s/h for something simple like minicell if it can be found locally…

I don’t think minicells are invented for kayak outfitting in the first place. What’s the primary use of minicell? And what sort of store sells it?

Store Bought…
the usual I see is the 1/2" interlocking mats that are sold for kids’ play areas. But, at $40 per package of 4 (2’x2’), it’s expensive.

I find it cheaper to buy 4x4’ sheets of 1" and 1/4" sheets and keep 'em around. But I outfit like crazy and have more than one boat.


NRS. Cheap

Minicell, where to buy?
You might want to check out this post on the Kayak Building Bulletin Board about archery targets that are made of layers of loose minicell foam:

It looks like a very inexpensive way to get a lot of minicell.