Minimalist waterproof phone case


I am looking for a very minimalist waterproof case to place my phone on my k1 deck…so I can listen to music and see my stats…

is there anything really good out there?

I’ve had my phone in a lifeproof case for months with no problems getting it wet several times a week. Though it’s the kind of case you leave on not just drop in.

If you want a ziploc baggie style to just drop in, REI or epic sell those.

I noticed I get strange HRM readings if my phone is near the chest strap.

Thanks! The lifeproof sounds geat, and it would be the best option (I did read mix-reviews) does it pass the test of time?

My bigest fear is the charging port… opening and closing every day…

all bags leak
natural forces…

I submerged my phone
during a flip (so you know it wasn’t just a quick splash) and the Lifeproof case kept it completely dry. I also have a bad habit of leaving my phone on vehicles. Most recently I left it on the trunk of my wife’s car on a Sunday morning before church. I remembered it halfway through the morning and had no choice but to sweat it out until we got home at which point I saw it in the street where it had been for several hours. The Lifeproof case was toast but the phone literally did not have a scratch. At that point my girls pronounced it not only Lifeproof but Lukeproof which is something altogether more significant.:slight_smile: The cons are what you’d expect and have probably read about; expensive, muffled speaker and mic, less responsive touch screen, etc. but to me its worth it since I’d have otherwise had to replace my iPhone at least twice. All that said, for your purpose I almost think something like this would be more advantageous. It won’t be as likely as the hard plastic Lifeproof to slide around on your deck and you can secure it with a lanyard, plus it’s a third of the cost.

My life proof case

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Has been rained on, fumbled in a pool, and dunked twice in the gulf and a few freshwater incidents with no ill effect plus lots of beach time . It comes with a short cable to screw into the earphone jack to keep it waterproof while wearing buds and my charging port is still watertight BUT carrying the phone in my pocket with keys etc nicked the rubber around the screen which led to losing 3/4 of the rubber. My wife and daughter's cases are holding up well but after one year my son and I have scotch tape holding the screen on our phones so they are no longer watertight. I do plan on buying another one but maybe dedicate a pocket to phone only.

Lifeproof isn't guyproof apparently.

Sea to Summit
Sea to Summit makes some small bags just for smartphones and tables: I use this with my iPhone when on the water. It has spots to easily tether a line between the phone and your life jacket or boat so that you can’t accidentally drop it. It works well, and I can attest that it will keep a phone dry for extended times under water.

Last spring, on my first outing of the year in the kayak, I realized I had the waterproof case, but not the short cord with tiny carabiners that I use to tether the phone to my PFD. “Oh well,” I thought, “I’ll go out with the phone anyway.” Coincidentally, I also realized I did not have my waterproof camera with me so planned to use the phone for a few photos. However, when pulling the case with phone out of my PFD pocket it slipped right out of my hands and into the drink. About 3 months later, I got had a Facebook message from somebody who found my phone in the case. The phone worked well enough for them to get my name and find me, however the screen died shortly after that.

Second the Aquapac twist close line
I’ve used the same one for 10 years. Paid less than $10.

Aquapc cases are good quality. I have used them for many years as well -but as “phone” cases. Just in case I need to receive/make calls.

Now, I am trying to combine my phone, Garmin 305, and Speedstroke… with just an Iphone App that requires the phone to be very firm to the boat (in a mount of some sort) to work well…

…thanks guys. I think I am going to try the lifeproof.

I like the idea of using same case with a road bike mount and kayak…

Lifeproof: nuud vs. fre
I bought the lifeproof nuud and at the very same time a friend gave an used “fre”… the nuud is a far supperor case highly recommended, but now, I understand some of the mix reviews…