minimum width for sleeping aboard

i’m thinking about my next project, maybe some kind of expedition boat. maybe a tacking outrigger canoe or trimaran. i’ve been looking at gary dierking’s outriggers, especially the wa’apa. i want to be able to sleep onboard. i’m thinking 24" beam…? is this reasonable? i’m 5’8, 160 lbs


or with 72 wives?

ha! i’m hoping to ‘do it’ in this world
sleeping two head to head would be ok, that would mean 12’of usable floor, though some of the ends could be decked. dierking’s wa’apa scales out to about 20" wide at the widest part (gunwales) maybe thats too narrow.?

Try this!
Slide your couch away from the walls and lay behind it to see what you can live with.

Some questions arise, Are the qunwales high enough to keep you dry? Are you just sleeping while anchored or one sleep while one pilots?

Sounds like an interesting project.



i’m sorry, but …
… get a room …

seems like a logical response

See what happens when you ask
a question? You get BOHEMIA or some jerk off like him playing games. BTW you can sleep in your boat, it will be tight.

24" YES ! No worries …
Lots of ’ it depends’ but even 20" o.k.

Check out the Holopuni canoes and Polynesian Voyaging Society webpage from more fun stuff.www.

The Kruger Sea Wind is 28’ at the widest point. He routinely slept in his.

It’s a personal thing. Do you toss and turn? Roll over? You might find 24" to be too constricting. I know I would.

Try this particular design…
Trimaran 350 lbs

When backpacking
I sleep on a 20" wide mummy shaped sleeping pad. I also do this in a mummy bag.

Mind you your likely to need a bit more, I hang off by a good 2" on either side, but I bet 24-28" should be enough

have a tissue

sounds like a neat project

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Think about your sleeping bag dimensions (mummy?) and the comfort you get there. Or consider the confinement of a hammock which for me is kind of confortable actually. I can do with much less for sleeping when camping or paddling because I'm usually wiped by the end of the evening.

There was a Sea Kayaker issues a few years back about the 10(?) greatest expeditions of all time, a few slept in their crafts but I can't seem to find the issue. I know one was a guy who paddled from SoCal to Hawaii in a poly sea kayak and if I recall he relied on an outrigger.

Have fun.