Mink/McCoy Islands

Does anyone have tips or experience paddling around the Mink and/or McCoy Islands in the Georgian Bay of Lake Huron?

I’m looking for access points, best camping spots, and things to avoid.



A nice paddle
You can park and launch at Snug Harbour or Dillon.I’ve never been to Dillon but Snug harbour is “snug” for parking so go during a slow time like early morning or if your going in the offseason there will be no problem.The launch area is tight too but will give you the most direct access to the southern Minks.

Green island,Big Mcoy and Hertzberg are crown land with flat rock for camping.There may be others so get a map showing crown land(White Squall which is nearby has them)

The lower Minks are a 9 K crossing from Snug.

Another 5 k further are the Limestones.Lots of great scenery and if you can you should paddle out to Red Rock Lighthouse.



Thanks Bert!
The first and only time I’ve paddled in that area the conditions were too rough to make the crossing, so we just stayed close to Franklin Island the whole trip. I’ve been wanting to get out to the Mink & McCoys ever since.


Are you going this fall?
or next year? It is a great place to explore and camp,if you can luck into some favourable weather you’ll have the whole area to yourself.


Probably late next summer
I’ll be pretty much restricted to day paddles until next spring. Gives me something to look forward to.