Minks & McCoys

I’ve researched a number of sources for routes to paddle these islands (Georgian Bay). Dillon’s Cove and Snug Harbor both come up as launch points. Any opinions as to which is best?

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I kayaked there with an organized group in 2002. It was a leisurely pace to accommodate all abilities. We launched from Dillon Cove but didn’t hit the Minks/McCoys until second or third day. I would have to dig out my maps and notes but I think we approached from the north via Hertzberg(?) island, then another island. We did the return crossing from the Minks back to Franklin Isl in a single shot (~four miles is what I remember) and spent a couple more days exploring around Franklin Isl. One of those days some of the group attempted to reach Snug Harbor from the west side of Franklin as a side trip and got turned back. I stayed behind to enjoy the lack of civilization, to which we were returning soon enough as it was. I think they overestimated the distance for the time they allowed between lunch and dinner, but am not sure. But I believe Snug Harbor is close enough to reach from Minks/McCoys in a day.

The staff at White Squall can confirm that and suggest which is the better launch point. 705-342-5324

It was VERY NICE trip, and just this time of year. You jarred some good memories! Have always wanted to go back. Enjoy.

Will give them a call. I have been referred to a site that compares the facilities at each location.

Nice put in @ snug harbor. Small general store right there and it doubles as a fish house. The smell will get ya, but the fish is the freshest. Great way to start the trip with fresh fish for first nights dinner. Asumming you will camp on the back side of Franklin island. Beware of bears with the fish scrapes. The general store doesn’t have much, but it’s all about the fish. Safe spot to park the car.

I second Snug as a good launch. Ditto on the comments from the other paddler and for a small fee they let us park our cars there.

Thanks again
The first hand knowledge is much appreciated.